Case Resolution

Case & Resolution

Resolving Returns and Conflicts Based on Research and verification

eget Case Resolution Center is designed to deliver an ideal marketplace experience to sellers and buyers alike. With its simple yet robust features, the Resolution Center gives you everything you need to handle returns, refunds, and payment complaints all in one place.

Manage All Issues Through a Simple Process

The Case Resolution Center is a highly intuitive tool that’s designed for optimal communication. With its modern interface and secure mechanism, it lets sellers and buyers express their concerns and explore possible solutions in a timely manner.

All case resolution may take 24hrs to 72hrs. Special case may take up to one week.

Here’s How It Works for Buyers

  1. Buyer starts a request concerning item delay or item condition.
  2. You receive a notification regarding the request.
  3. You present possible resolutions such as return, exchange, or replacement.
  4. Buyer agrees on their desired resolution.
  5. The solution is delivered as committed.
  6. The request is closed.

Here’s How It Works for Sellers

  1. You may start a request to resolve non-payment after the due date has passed or to cancel a transaction altogether.
  2. Buyer receives a notification.
  3. Buyer responds to your concern.
  4. The issue is resolved as agreed.
  5. The case is closed.


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