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    Enimay Western Cowboy & Cowgirl Hat Pinch Front Wide Brim Style

    $39.99 N/A

    50% Paper/50% Palm Leaf
    Our hats are ethically made using 50% Paper/50% Palm Leaf. This environmentally safe material is blended together then delicately molded into our cowboy hat shape. Once they have dried, each hat is painted (with three coats), which hardens the hat and helps it keep its form. The band is then carefully applied to the bottom of the crown. Lastly, our 0.5″ sweatband is sewn in creating this extremely versatile hat.
    With authenticity and simplicity in mind, we wanted to design a cowboy hat that could be worn anywhere. One that is lightweight and sturdy. A firm, yet relaxed fit. It had to be stylish for both men and women. Something to match any set of boots. Minimalistic design matched with two sizes. This product was the outcome. Select the color you like most, and make sure you use the size chart to order the correct size. Happy shopping!

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    Western Outback Cowboy Hat Men’s Women’s Style Straw Felt Canvas

    $35.99 N/A

    100% Straw
    Modern Cowboy Hat: curved brim and tapered in the front for a modern look on a classic style
    Ideal Sun Protection: the body of the hat is structured to help reduce your exposure to UV rays.

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